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Golden View Elementary School

Facility Condition Assessment Summary

Generally, the property appears to have been constructed within industry standards in force at the time of construction. The property appears to have been well maintained in recent years and is in excellent overall condition.

The site has four portable classrooms and one portable restroom building delivered in 1995. Three (3) classrooms have a pitched metal roof, one classroom has a flat asphalt shingle roof, and the rest room has pitched asphalt roof. All buildings are wood frame construction, wood panel exterior walls, aluminum windows, and solid wood doors.

Spatial Quality Assessment Summary

Golden View offers tremendous opportunities. Space is wasted on open design. Current curriculum does not fit current facilities design. Kindergarten room has multiple platforms for learning and is a fun space. This school needs more areas that connect learning to facilities. Current facilities hinder the capabilities of both the learners and teachers for 21st Century learning. As competition increases throughout our regional area for students and funding, a thoughtful and mindful approach is needed to accommodate desired student population growth and program offerings at this site and throughout the district.