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Westmont Elementary School

Facility Condition Assessment Summary

Generally, the property appears to have been constructed within industry standards in force at the time of construction. The property appears to have been well maintained since it was first occupied and is in fair overall condition.

According to property management personnel, the property has had an active capital improvement expenditure program over the past three years, primarily consisting of new bathroom fixtures and finishes and asphalt pavement seal coating at the parking lots. Supporting documentation was not provided in support of these claims but some of the work is evident.

Spatial Quality Assessment Summary

Westmont and Lake View share one site for the remainder of the 2015-16 school year. Lake View is currently under construction and will reopen summer of 2016.

Westmont will have open spaces to house additional students. Westmont would like to continue building their emphasis on the performing arts and program additional spaces for a PA magnet school. Westmont houses a large population of SDC students.