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Sun View Elementary School

Facility Condition Assessment Summary

Generally, the property appears to have been constructed within industry standards in force at the time of construction. The property appears to have been well maintained since it was first occupied and is in fair overall condition.

According to property management personnel, the property has had an active capital improvement expenditure program over the past three years, primarily consisting of new lighting fixtures, ADA compliance for restrooms, new central fire control system, etc. Supporting documentation was not provided in support of these claims but some of the work is evident.

Spatial Quality Assessment Summary

Sun View is a special school that houses a large population of SDC students from the severe to non-severe and emotionally disturbed. The school was designed with round buildings and no storage. The campus has no real front door, and the admissions area is hidden. Needs to have thoughtful consideration to move the back-of-house items to the rear of the campus and create a pleasing welcoming front door.